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In the news — a regularly updated list of press coverage about the…

In the news — a regularly updated list of press coverage about the Engaged Journalism Accelerator

13 December 2019
Here is a step-by-step guide for news outlets to share power with underserved communities - a write-up of On Our Radar's toolkit (Nieman Lab)

4 December 2019
All roads lead to membership - DOR's journey - Digital editor Catalina Albeanu explains how one of our grantees charted their path to a new revenue model (Medium)

15 November 2019
What does audience engagement really mean? - Leon Fryszer at Kratureporter talks about the Engaged Journalism Playbook on this podcast (journalism.co.uk)

25 July 2019
Five years after crowdfunding, here’s how Krautreporter is keeping its members engaged (and building tools for you too) - a profile of Krautreporter, one of the programme's Open Call grantees (Nieman Lab)

2 May 2019
Why Maldita.es surveyed users to find their “superpower” (and how they got 2,500 offers of help) - a write-up of our case study with one of our Spanish grantees (Nieman Lab)

24 April 2019
Accelerating engaged journalism in Europe
- Ben’s talk at Hacks and Hackers LDN about the learnings from our report on 'What would journalism look like if it was generated by communities?' (YouTube)

14 April 2019
'Case studies in collaborative journalism'
- a report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism based on interviews with key figures from collaborative journalism experiments including Kathryn (RISJ)

12 April 2019
West Dunbartonshire community magazine wins major European Journalism Grant
(Glasgow Sloth)

19 March 2019
More participatory journalism in Europe: how the European Journalism Center stimulates that
- an interview with Kathryn on the programme's aims and activities (Svdj - in Dutch)

14 March 2019
Recommendations to encourage engagement with readers - coverage of our report 'What would journalism look like if it was generated by communities?' (Laboratorio de Periodismo in Spanish)

12 March 2019
Accelerating engagement - Kathryn’s closing keynote of the March 2019 news:rewired (One Man and his Blog)

7 March 2019
Five recommendations (and many examples) for how to nurture engagement in European newsrooms - a write-up of our 'What would journalism look like if it was generated by communities?' report (Nieman Lab)

28 February 2019
Harnessing the passion that powers the membership model
- featuring comment from Kathryn (WAN-IFRA)

20 February 2019
The ABCs of engagement journalism with Ben Whitelaw from the Engaged Journalism Accelerator
(Content Insights)

24 January 2019
Meet the eight European news organizations with (funded) plans for engaged journalism (Nieman Lab)

25 January 2019
Engaged journalism: Why newsrooms should put the needs of their communities first

22 January 2019
Engaged Journalism Accelerator funds eight more community journalism projects

11 January 2019
Here's (exactly) how The Correspondent raised $2.5m in a month - a write-up of our case study (Nieman Lab)

19 October 2018
Protecting independence: who pays the piper?
- notes from the Issues of Investigative Practice at the Logan Symposium, including comments from Kathryn (The Centre of Investigative Journalism)

15 October 2018
Three ways news organisations in Europe are doing community engagement - Madalina’s presentation at Outriders Network (YouTube)

28 September 2019
News media companies must redefine journalism with readers in mind - a write-up of Ben's talk at INMA's Media Innovation Week (INMA)

24 August 2019
Building Sustainable Newsrooms: Key Insights from Kathryn Geels, Head of the Engaged Journalism Accelerator

21 August
Your news organisation should know the people it is serving — its future depends on it (Journalism.co.uk)

13 April 2018
The EJC, Civil, and News Integrity Initiative launch an accelerator for European newsrooms (Nieman Lab)
Engaged Journalism Accelerator launches with €600,000 grant programme
New Project to Support Community-Powered Newsrooms Across Europe
Civil Teams with the EJC, News Integrity Initiative to Support European Journalism (Civil)

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