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We're creating a directory of community engagement experiments. Can…

We're creating a directory of community engagement experiments. Can you help?

In ten months of working on the Engaged Journalism Accelerator, one challenge has cropped up time and time again: news organisations that want to test out new ways of engaging their community often don't know where to begin.

We believe that news organisations that can experiment quickly and effectively will reap the rewards from their communities and shortcut their path to resilience.

The problem, we've found, is that experiments that lead to insights are hard to come by. There's no single place where journalists and editors can go for inspiration, designing them is time-consuming and the results are often hit-and-miss.

An open and collaborative directory

We want to make it quicker and easier for news organisations of all sizes to discover and try out experiments that help them find an engagement model that works for them.

That’s why, with your help, we want to create a directory of engagement experiments.

Experiments can be:

  • Stopping something that you think has little impact
  • Iterating on and improving something that your organisation is already doing
  • Starting something new to engage your community

They don’t have to be successful (there's no shame, and there are often many learnings, in failure) but they should have a clear aim and measures of success.

What's next?

Fill in the form below about an experiment you’ve completed (or are in the process of doing). It could be anything from creating a members-only social media group, to publishing an inclusion manifesto, to hosting a party for volunteers or members.

The initial deadline for submissions is Wednesday 12 June 2019, as we plan to publish an initial version of the directory at the end of June, shortly after Engagement Explained Live, our upcoming event in Berlin.

If you'd like to be notified when the directory is published, sign up to our Accelerator community. We will continue to update the directory on an ongoing basis.

By contributing to this directory, you're helping to create a resource that will help organisations across Europe empower their communities and the conversations they're having.

Thanks in advance for your time,
The Engaged Journalism Accelerator team

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