Our mission

We believe that engaged journalism provides the best chance of combatting the serious challenges that journalism faces today.

It has a role to play in restoring trust in media, developing new sustainable revenue models, and providing citizens with the diverse sources of information they need to make informed decisions.

We want the Accelerator to empower news organisations and the people who work in them to help create positive, more resilient and more impactful relationships between them and the communities they serve.

The bigger picture

How the Accelerator will measure its impact


The Engaged Journalism Accelerator is a programme delivering grant funding, coaching, mentoring, resources and events to support engaged journalism in European news organisations.


To accelerate the skills, people, ideas and knowledge transfer of news organisations in order to help create positive, more resilient and more impactful relationships between them and the communities they serve.


To inspire and enable all news organisations across Europe to empower communities and their conversations, and create long-term solutions that can positively impact journalism and society.

Our objectives

Three ways the Accelerator will achieve its mission


We will support early adopters of engaged journalism through funding, and by linking grantees with mentors and coaches who can share learning and provide expert support


We will connect early adopters to each other and to other engaged journalism practitioners, across Europe and beyond through events and a peer-to-peer network


We will inspire news organisations to practice engaged journalism by producing resources, case studies, a robust programme evaluation and a roadmap for future research


Ways you can help

We're looking for people working in journalism, academia, social innovation and civic engagement to support the Accelerator and be part of our network

- Tell us about relevant work you’ve published or are currently undertaking. We’re keen to map evidence, identify gaps and partner on/commission future research

- Connect us with community groups, schools, citizen-focused organisations and local government. We want to collaborate with people at the grassroots who are making an impact

- Support grantees or other members of our community to achieve their goals of undertaking more participatory journalism. We want to create a network of practitioners that exists long after the programme ends

For more details on how you can get involved with the Accelerator, join our growing community.

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