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Glossary | Engaged Journalism Accelerator


1. News organisation, not newsroom

‘Newsroom’ is too narrow a term and doesn’t reflect the different functions and teams that work together in organisations that practice engaged journalism. We also refer to 'publisher' and 'publication' to represent an organisation producing news content published in any medium - written, audio, or broadcast.

2. News and journalism, not media

We’re helping reporting (short-form, long-form, investigative, data-driven, any format) that empowers citizens with the information they need to become civically engaged members of society and make informed decisions. We’re not focusing on other types of media such as entertainment, games, on-demand music or film services.

3. Engagement as impact, not a metric

We’re referring to an ongoing conversation, online or offline, in different forms, between a news organisation and its communities, which is creating a positive impact for both. What we don’t mean is audience engagement measured through traditional metrics such as page views, likes, shares and visitors.

4. Organisations, not projects

Grants will support growing news organisations who need support in financing expansion, business development or product development, as they strive to be financially and structurally resilient. They are not intended to be used for one-off stories or temporary engagement projects.

5. Resilience instead of sustainability

We’re supporting emerging news organisations to become resilient, by which we mean not only able to sustain their work and fulfil a demand for content from their communities, but also make a profit, grow over time, adapt quickly to changes and exploit new market opportunities.

6. Communities and users, not audience

We view engaged journalism as a vehicle to empower people to participate in the geographical or topical community to which they belong. This form of journalism is a two-way dialogue and, when done well, one which empowers communities and the conversations people are having. We also refer to 'users' as we see that engaged news organisations provide a service that goes beyond simply providing content. We try not use the terms 'audience', 'reader' or 'listener' because they imply that people are passive consumers of content.  

7. Early innovators over laggards

We have taken the decision to fund early adopters of engaged journalism because they have proven innovative but are more judicious in their adoption decisions. You can read more about Rogers' adoption curve and how we designed the Accelerator here.

8. Diversity and inclusivity

We’re ensuring that all strands of the programme adhere to the highest standards of diversity and inclusivity, including geographic, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and gender. Our hope is that the more diverse and inclusive our programme can be, the greater its impact across the wider journalism industry.

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