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Events | Engaged Journalism Accelerator

Birmingham workshop - Building power for more informed communities

This gathering brought together 47 practitioners of engaged journalism from 10 European countries to tackle an important topic: building and sharing power with the community that you serve.

The subsequent report, Stronger journalism through shared power, contains 18 practical tips for news organisations seeking to transform the capacity of those that engage with your journalism as well as advice to create and sustain a culture of engagement and collaboration within the field of engaged journalism.

We're grateful to everyone who contributed their time and expertise.


The Engaged Journalism Accelerator will gather 50 participants, including journalists, researchers, and civic engagement practitioners in Birmingham for a hands-on workshop.

At our previous Accelerator gathering in December 2018, we explored the question ‘What would journalism look like if it was generated from within rather than for communities?’ Among the topics we discussed: how do we manage the engagement process, and what perks do we offer to our members? What does success look like and how do you measure engagement? How can we involve users in investigations? How do we safeguard the people involved in our journalism?

Now, we invite members of the European journalism community to reflect on the idea of building power. In the fields of organising and campaigning, building power refers to a necessary process of building relationships based on mutual trust and shared values to pursue solutions to common concerns. Through these relationships and this collaborative work, we build leadership among our peers, making our efforts more resilient. Engaged journalism offers an opportunity to build not just an audience for our work, but a constituency that will contribute to the work of reporting, provide eyes and ears in our communities, help increase the impact of that work, and hold us accountable so that we maintain trust.

How are you building power in your work? How can we, as a community of practice for engaged journalism in Europe, build power together?



WHAT: Building power for more informed communities

WHEN: Tue, 12 March 2019 - 09:00

WHERE: Impact Hub Birmingham, Walker Bldg, 58, Oxford St, Birmingham B5 5NR, United Kingdom


09:00 - 10:00 

Arrival, coffee and breakfast

10:00 - 10:15 

Welcome and overview

Mădălina Ciobanu, project manager, and Kathryn Geels, director, Engaged Journalism Accelerator

10:15 - 11:00 

Introduction exercise

A brief, structured opportunity to meet your colleagues in the field and hear about their work. Come with a 3-minute answer to the following question: What is one action members of your community have taken in response to your reporting/journalism/work in the last year?

11:00 - 12:00 

Catalyst speakers

Catalyst speakers offer brief, focused perspectives designed to spark ideas and collaborative conversations. The first set of speakers will reflect on the idea of empowerment in their own engaged journalism work. The next set come from outside the journalism world – they’ll talk about models of building power in communities that journalists can learn from.

12:00 - 13:00 


13:00 - 13:15 

Introduction open space: How can we build power together?

Open Space Technology is a process of organising meetings in which those who attend create the agenda. Our organising question, How can we build power together? invites participants to consider how journalists can engage the communities they serve – and work with one another – to build stronger support to do great reporting.

Up to 8 participants can pitch ideas they want to explore within small groups.

13:15 - 14:30 

Open Space: Round 1 (x4 mini-sessions)

Two sessions will take place in The Town Hall, 1 session in The Lab and 1 session in The Play Space.

14:30 - 15:45 

Open Space: Round 2 (x4 mini-sessions)

Two sessions will take place in The Town Hall, 1 session in The Lab and 1 session in The Play Space.

15:45 - 16:00 

Coffee break

Plus a chance to stretch your legs and check emails

16:00 - 16:30 

Open Space debrief

16:30 - 17:30 

How to bring engagement back to the newsroom; ask & offer

This exercise will help us make concrete plans for bringing what we’ve learned and imagined back into our organisations so that our conversations will lead to action. We’ll talk about how to apply the lessons of engagement in our own workplaces to build power among our colleagues. Our “ask & offer” exercise helps identify concrete ways we can help and receive support from peers in the Accelerator community.

17:30 - 17:30 

End of programme

Our funders

This event was made possible by the Accelerator's funders


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News Integrity Initiative

The News Integrity Initiative is a philanthropic fund to foster mutually trusting relationships between journalists and the communities they serve

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