Engagement Explained Live: Building resilience

A one-day event for community-driven news organisations developing stronger relationships with the communities they serve

We’re hosting Engagement Explained Live: Building resilience, a participatory one-day event, to help news organisations on the journey of creating more positive, impactful and financially sustainable relationships with the communities they serve.

Criteria for participation

Participating organisations will be asked during the registration to:

- Demonstrate a community-driven approach to journalism
- Send two colleagues in order to make the most of, and participate in more than one of, the masterclasses
- Undertake a short pre-event activity (no more than one-hour of time) which will help participants get the most value during the event
- News organisations from anywhere in the world can register to attend, however, we will give priority to organisations from Europe as necessary

Thanks to the support of News Integrity Initiative and Civil, participants are able to attend the event for free. Transport costs and accommodation are not covered, however participants are able to apply for a travel allowance of up to €400 as part of the event registration form (maximum one person per organisation).


The deadline for registration is midnight CEST on Tuesday 1 October 2019.

We ask for the following information in order to ensure we, and the other participants, cater appropriately for your needs during the event. You can read our privacy policy here.

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