What two Danish researchers found in a yearlong quest for journalism innovation

Two Danish academics went to on a worldwide tour to 54 newsrooms in nine countries to find organisations taking their journalism in a more engaging, cooperative and community-oriented direction. This article is a condensed version of the nine learnings that they came up with in their book, The Journalistic Connection, which was published in Danish in March 2018.

Key quote? "The crisis of journalism and legacy news media is structural, and not just a matter of technological challenges or broken business models. When citizens of Western societies, to a deeply disturbing extent, turn their backs on original news journalism, spend less time on news on radio and television, buy fewer newspapers, and express a growing distrust of media institutions, we need to submit the core content of the news media — journalism itself — to a critical review."

The one takeaway?
All nine learnings are worth noting but most interesting was the move towards activism and advocacy, two qualities which media traditionally has steered well clear of.

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