A Year Ago We Pressed Play On Membership

Styli Charalambous, publisher and CEO of the Daily Maverick, looks back on the South African news organisation’s 12-month journey from free-to-air journalism to a membership scheme with 7,000 subscribers. An honest and frank assessment of their progress in that time.

Key quote? "When I stood up on that stage a year ago, asking those in attendance to join our cause, I mentioned that we could no longer do this alone and that we no longer wanted to do this alone. We believed that we would transform into a better news operation because of membership. That the time to fight this battle for the future of our country should not be shouldered by a brave few."

Key takeaway? Daily Maverick's bi-weekly members’ newsletter, showcasing the behind-the-scenes information, had an open rate 2.5 times better their other newsletters (>60%).

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