A 201 guide for taking your newsletters to the next level — growing the lists, making money, and more

The Shorenstein Center at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Lenfest Institute teamed up with Yellow Brim to create this living document for newsletter best practice

If you’re thinking about starting a newsletter or improving your current one, check out this recently published guide from the Lenfest Institute and Shorenstein Center. It has handy tips and templates on different types of newsletters, as well as on growing your subscriber list and monetising it.

Key quote? “Over the past decade, social platforms have become all but omnipresent, chat apps continue to proliferate, and Slack has taken over workplace communication. And yet, the core function of email persists. Today we see its staying power most clearly in email newsletters.”

Key takeaway? There's a fun tool, dubbed The Emerging Spectrum of Newsletters, which gives you examples of newsletters depending on the goals, production time and list longevity.

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